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156 Epping Road, Exeter, New Hampshire | 603.418.7124

Hours & Location


156 Epping Road, Exeter, New Hampshire | 603.418.7124

Hours & Location


156 Epping Road, Exeter, New Hampshire | 603.418.7124

Hours & Location


156 Epping Road, Exeter, New Hampshire | 603.418.7124

Hours & Location


156 Epping Road, Exeter, New Hampshire | 603.418.7124

Hours & Location

The Vision


One Of A Kind Small Batch Beers

The Neighborhood Beer Co. is a craft brewery making unique, small-batch beers using sophisticated German brewing techniques. Our top-selling beers are available throughout New Hampshire and Southern Maine. In our taproom, we keep more than eight flavors of beer available at all times and test out new flavors regularly.


Why Neighborhood?

The modern small brewery is the cornerstone of every neighborhood. Ours is a gathering place for locals and an environment to try out new flavors in a small and intimate setting. We have music and entertainment and games every week. Come check out our constantly evolving of food and beers.

Mow Money Lawnmower IPA

Mow Money IPA is a juicy & hazy, hop-forward pale ale made with an ultra-smooth mouthfeel. It’s hoppy let light. Massively crushable. Don’t miss this summer sensation! 6.0% ABV

Little Pucker Black Currant Gose

Little Pucker is a kettle soured ale made with coriander and Himalayan salt. We added fresh black currant fruit during fermentation to give it just the right amount of color and pucker to live up to its name. Yum! 4.9% ABV

Hallowed Hammock Blonde Ale

Hallowed Hammock Blonde Ale is a smooth, easy-going pale ale based on the acclaimed Kölsch beers of Cologne, Germany. Clean tasting with subtle hints of caramel, vanilla and apricot as well as lingering notes of white wine from a scarce German hop variety, this beer is as easy drinking and relaxing as it gets. For the beer geeks amongst you, this full-flavored, hand-crafted ale has 4.9% ABV

Boss Flamingo Bronze Ale

Boss Flamingo Bronze Ale is one of the rarest beers in the world. Its harmonic blend of hops, malt, and spicy yeast flavors create a surprisingly unique blend of fruity aromas and hop-bitterness. It’s an Americanized, “imperialized” interpretation of the Bavarian Forest Dampfbier. It has never been made before. 7.2% ABV


Junkyard Pedigree Copper Ale

Junkyard Pedigree Copper Ale is a wonderfully smooth, yet strong copper ale featuring a complex, nutty-sweetness and an intriguing hop finish.  Our modern interpretation of a Rhineland Dopplesticke, this complex beer creates a unique blend of easy-drinking refinement and macho bite.  7.5% ABV


Decadent Eclipse Black Lager (Seasonal)

The Decadent Eclipse Black Lager is a super smooth and dangerously delicious beer that tastes more sinful than it looks.  Our interpretation of a GIOS (German Imperialized Oatmeal Schwarzbier), this lager features a velvety mouthfeel fused with a hint of chocolaty aroma. 7.2% ABV


Granite Acorn Autumn Lager (Seasonal)

Granite Acorn Autumn Lager is a higher-alcohol, super malty version of the iconic harvest Märzen-style Oktoberfest. It’s an incredibly smooth, crisp lager that will pair well with meats, cheeses, and autumn dishes. 6.5% ABV


Dapper Detonator Mahogany Ale (Seasonal)

Dapper Detonator is the ultimate strong, dark Hefeweizen:  this one-of-a-kind classic rose-hued German wheat ale comprises a malty base and a fiery afterglow as it is transformed into a high-alcohol, dark-mahogany, “double” Hefeweizen-Bock.  A DunkelweizenDoppelbock! 10.1% ABV


Mellow Grove Summer Ale (Seasonal)

Mellow Grove Summer Ale is a smooth and refreshing treat.  Our version of a Hefeweizen, this invigorating beer features subtle bubblegum esters on the front and citrusy notes at the end which creates both a relaxing and exhilarating ride of refreshment and fun. 5% ABV


Obstinate Goat Strong Blonde Ale (Seasonal)

The Obstinate Goat Strong Ale is the true OG–a modern recreation of the late-medieval Einbecker Bockbier (or Ur-bock).  Our version of this classic Ur-bock beer is a highly hopped, light-colored strong ale made from top-fermenting yeast, partially fermentable grains, and copious amount of German landrace hops for a crisp, citrusy finish.   7.1% ABV

Grilled Cheese

All sandwiches are on Texas Toast with a pickle and your choice of sauce

The Carol Brady

Three cheese, swiss, cheddar and muenster $8

The Granny Clampett

Pulled pork BBQ with pepper jack cheese and onion jam $9

The Carmela Soprano

Mozzarella cheese, basil pesto, balsamic syrup and tomato $8

The Claire Dunfy

Herbed brie, arugula and fig jam $8



Bistro Chili

Savory Square Bistro Chili

Served with tortilla chips, shredded cheddar and cilantro sour cream $7

12-Inch Flatbread Pizza

The Claire Huxtable

Goat cheese, fig, caramelized onions, prosciutto, arugula and balsamic drizzle $11

The “Everybody Loves” Marie Barone

Pesto spread, sliced tomato, fresh mozzarella topped with balsamic drizzle and fresh basil $11

The Peg Bundy

Parmesan peppercorn spread, olives & artichoke hearts with balsamic drizzle $10

The Lily Munster

Pulled pork, onion jam, and jack cheese $10


Sharing Pretzel

Big Dippah

One hot & soft pretzel served with a pub-style mustard and cheese dipping sauce $6



Tap Room


Our 1000 sq. ft. brick-walled tap room seats approximately 50 people and features a bar made of doors, timber, and stone top. It is a cozy gathering place built specifically for sampling Neighborhood’s newest and freshest flavors. We’re open 6 days a week for tasters, pints, delicious food, and a chance to see for yourself what drives us to make the best brew we know how.




Our production brewhouse is a 4-vessel, 4-barrel custom-fabricated system designed specifically to brew complex and innovative ales and lagers using German-style technology. To supplement the brewhouse, we have a high-end water filtration system that treats incoming water throughout the entire brewery down to one micron of purity. On the back end, our brewery features an innovative, patent-pending wastewater removal system for an efficient and environmentally-friendly release of wastewater. Our spent grains are enjoyed by local hungry cows.




In our humble quality control lab, we measure the basics before, during, and after fermentation. This includes incoming and outgoing water quality, water and beer pH levels, yeast viability, sugar and alcohol levels, as well as testing carbonation and beer quality across batches. We plan to add more capabilities over time to make sure our beer continues to be served with the highest levels of quality we can produce.


Fermentation & Packaging


Our fermentation area features a total of 10 fermenters at the present time. Six 15-barrel fermenters handle our most popular styles of beer and the four 7-barrel fermenters are used for smaller seasonal batches and limited-release styles. Currently we keg all our beers and have keg washing and keg filling equipment. We hand-bottle small batches, and with the help of Iron Heart Canning we can our top flavors once a month.




156 Epping Road

Exeter, NH 03833




Tuesday:  4-9pm

Wednesday:  4-9pm

Thursday: 4-10pm

Friday: 12-10pm

Saturday: 12-10pm

Sunday:  12-7pm


Call Us

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