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156 Epping Road, Exeter, New Hampshire | 603.418.7124

Hours & Location


156 Epping Road, Exeter, New Hampshire | 603.418.7124

Hours & Location


156 Epping Road, Exeter, New Hampshire | 603.418.7124

Hours & Location


156 Epping Road, Exeter, New Hampshire | 603.418.7124

Hours & Location


156 Epping Road, Exeter, New Hampshire | 603.418.7124

Hours & Location

The Vision

German Style Beers with an American Twist

Based In Exeter, NH, The Neighborhood Beer Co. is a craft brewery specializing in American interpretations of German-style beers made from the finest and freshest ingredients on Earth. Based on a shared passion for flavorful, delicate beers and a commitment to high quality and innovation, Neighborhood designs its beers to bring people together.


Why Neighborhood?

The intrinsic values of inclusiveness, gathering, and sharing have long been cornerstones of a good neighborhood. Our goal is to create that sense of community and pride for both Exeter and the surrounding NH Seacoast community by creating beers for folks to drink, share, and celebrate their everyday experiences with friends and neighbors.

Why German Beers?

For centuries, Germany has been known as one of the bastions of global beer culture. If you have ever traveled to Germany and experienced drinking beer in a beer garden, beer hall or just a neighborhood pub, you realize that beer is a way of life and a sense of pride for all Germans. German beers are known for their easy-drinking qualities combined with sophisticated processes that create tremendous flavor and nuance that is not easy to achieve.


Based on our shared passion for these German styles and flavors, we respectfully build on this tradition and then go beyond it to infuse some American innovation, which accentuates each style.


Hallowed Hammock Blonde Ale

Hallowed Hammock Blonde Ale is a smooth, easy-going pale ale based on the acclaimed Kölsch beers of Cologne, Germany. Clean tasting with subtle hints of caramel, vanilla and apricot as well as lingering notes of white wine from a scarce German hop variety, this beer is as easy drinking and relaxing as it gets. For the beer geeks amongst you, this full-flavored, hand-crafted ale has 4.9% ABV

Trophy Mutt Copper Ale (Seasonal)

Trophy Mutt Copper Ale is a complex, yet easy-drinking ale with an aromatic scent from an exclusive combination of international hops and featuring a nutty-sweet, deep malty finish. Our modern interpretation of an Altbier from Düsseldorf, Germany, this ale pairs incredibly well with hearty foods and is a versatile thirst-quencher all year-round. 5.2% ABV

Boss Flamingo Bronze Ale

Boss Flamingo Bronze Ale is one of the rarest beers in the world. Its harmonic blend of hops, malt, and spicy yeast flavors create a surprisingly unique blend of fruity aromas and hop-bitterness. It’s an Americanized, “imperialized” interpretation of the Bavarian Forest Dampfbier. It has never been made before. 7.2% ABV

NHBC-Pedigree-PH1-smJunkyard Pedigree Copper Ale

Junkyard Pedigree Copper Ale is a wonderfully smooth, yet strong copper ale featuring a complex, nutty-sweetness and an intriguing hop finish.  Our modern interpretation of a Rhineland Dopplesticke, this complex beer creates a unique blend of easy-drinking refinement and macho bite.  7.5% ABV

NHBC-Eclipse-PH1-smDecadent Eclipse Black Lager (Seasonal)

The Decadent Eclipse Black Lager is a super smooth and dangerously delicious beer that tastes more sinful than it looks.  Our interpretation of a GIOS (German Imperialized Oatmeal Schwarzbier), this lager features a velvety mouthfeel fused with a hint of chocolaty aroma.  Bold on appearance and long on flavor, this beer is perfect for the lifestyles of the rich and famous. 7.2% ABV

nhbc-acorn-smGranite Acorn Autumn Lager (Seasonal)

Granite Acorn Autumn Lager is a higher-alcohol, super malty version of the iconic harvest Märzen-style Oktoberfest. It’s an incredibly smooth, crisp lager that will pair well with meats, cheeses, and autumn dishes. 6.5% ABV

nhbc-bosss-smBoss’s Boss Bronze Ale (Seasonal)

Boss’s Boss Bronze Ale is a “triple-strength” Dampfbier.  Brewed exclusively for the 1-Year Anniversary of the Neighborhood Beer Co., this high-octane version of the Boss Flamingo exhibits a unique balance of malt, hops, and spicy yeast flavors. It has never been made before and is only available at the Neighborhood tasting room.  11.1% ABV

NHBC-Detonator-PH1-smDapper Detonator Mahogany Ale (Seasonal)

Dapper Detonator is the ultimate strong, dark Hefeweizen:  this one-of-a-kind classic rose-hued German wheat ale comprises a malty base and a fiery afterglow as it is transformed into a high-alcohol, dark-mahogany, “double” Hefeweizen-Bock.  A DunkelweizenDoppelbock!!!  10.1% ABV

NHBC-Clover-smGranite Clover Spring Lager (Seasonal)

Granite Clover Spring Lager is a clean-tasting, easy-drinking beer designed for the advent of spring.  Featuring a smooth, malty sweetness, this amber-colored Märzen-style lager is a balanced, thoroughly satisfying transition brew.  6% ABV

NHBC-Grove-smMellow Grove Summer Ale (Seasonal)

Mellow Grove Summer Ale is a smooth and refreshing treat.  Our version of a Hefeweizen, this invigorating beer features subtle bubblegum esters on the front and citrusy notes at the end which creates both a relaxing and exhilarating ride of refreshment and fun.  5% ABV

NHBC-Goat Obstinate Goat Strong Blonde Ale (Seasonal)

The Obstinate Goat Strong Ale is the true OG–a modern recreation of the late-medieval Einbecker Bockbier (or Ur-bock).  Our version of this classic Ur-bock beer is a highly hopped, light-colored strong ale made from top-fermenting yeast, partially fermentable grains, and copious amount of German landrace hops for a crisp, citrusy finish.   7.1% ABV

NHBC-Blitz-smBastardly Blitz “German Style” IPA

The Bastardly Blitz is a fun, innovative play at a dry-hopped American IPA made with a German twist.  A strong and hoppy beer featuring citrus forward notes, the Bastardly Blitz is a well-balanced ale made with all German malts and German hops.  A rare take on a modern IPA, the Blitz will surprise you with flavor, aromatics, and punch.  8.2% ABV

Grilled Cheese

All sandwiches are on Texas Toast with a pickle and your choice of sauce

The Carol Brady

Three cheese, swiss, cheddar and muenster $8

The Granny Clampett

Pulled pork BBQ with pepper jack cheese and onion jam $9

The Carmela Soprano

Mozzarella cheese, basil pesto, balsamic syrup and tomato $8

The Claire Dunfy

Herbed brie, arugula and fig jam $8



Bistro Chili

Savory Square Bistro Chili

Served with tortilla chips, shredded cheddar and cilantro sour cream $6

12-Inch Flatbread Pizza

The Claire Huxtable

Goat cheese, fig, caramelized onions, prosciutto, arugula and balsamic drizzle $11

The “Everybody Loves” Marie Barone

Pesto spread, sliced tomato, fresh mozzarella topped with balsamic drizzle and fresh basil $11

The Peg Bundy

Parmesan peppercorn spread, olives & artichoke hearts with balsamic drizzle $10

The Lily Munster

Pulled pork, onion jam, and jack cheese $10


Sharing Pretzel

Big Dippah

One hot & soft pretzel served with a pub-style mustard and cheese dipping sauce $5



Tap Room


Our 1000 sq. ft. brick-walled tap room seats approximately 50 people and features a bar made of doors, timber, and stone top. All aspects of design, color and layout for the tasting room were creatively conceived and executed by Cherryl O’Donnell.  It is a cozy gathering place built specifically for sampling Neighborhood’s newest and freshest flavors. We’re open 6 days a week for tasters, pints, delicious food, and a chance to see for yourself what drives us to make the best brew we know how.




Our production brewhouse is a 4-vessel, 4-barrel custom-fabricated system designed specifically to brew complex and innovative German-style ales and lagers. To supplement the brewhouse, we have a high-end water filtration system that treats incoming water throughout the entire brewery down to one micron of purity. On the back end, our brewery features an innovative, patent-pending wastewater removal system for an efficient and environmentally-friendly release of wastewater. Our spent grains are enjoyed by local hungry cows.




In our humble quality control lab, we measure the basics before, during, and after fermentation. This includes incoming and outgoing water quality, water and beer pH levels, yeast viability, sugar and alcohol levels, as well as testing carbonation and beer quality across batches. We plan to add more capabilities over time to make sure our beer continues to be served with the highest levels of quality we can produce.


Fermentation & Packaging


Our fermentation area features a total of six fermenters at the present time. Six 15-bbl fermenters handle our most popular styles of beer and the four 7-bbl fermenters are for smaller seasonal batches and limited-release styles. Currently we keg all our beers and have keg washing and keg filling equipment. Possibly in the near future, a bottling or canning line could find its way into our factory.


3 local guys with narrow degrees of separation including being neighbors (Joe & Mike), UNH fraternity brothers (Joe & Tim), and Timberland alumni (Tim & Mike) all shared a common passion—German Beer. 

Joe Berwanger

President & Chief Sanitation Officer

Joe Berwanger

Experience: Joe has 4 years of craft beer industry experience and was a marketing, advertising, and strategies consultant where he counseled some of the world’s most well-known and innovative companies.


Education: Joe holds an undergraduate degree from UNH and an MBA in marketing and entrepreneurial studies from Babson College. In 2014, he graduated from the Siebel Institute of Technology’s World Beer Academy.


Extracurricular: Besides brewing and drinking beer, Joe loves to read about the chemistry of hops, the breeding patterns of yeast, and the new and improved cleaning techniques for stainless steel.


Mike O’Donnell

Marketing & Sales

Mike O'Donnell

Experience: After a brief stint as a Wall Street bond trader, Mike worked in the sneaker business for over 15 years in product and brand management for companies such as Nike, Timberland, and PRO-Keds.


Education: Mike holds both a BS and MBA degree from Indiana University in Bloomington.


Extracurricular: Mike enjoys rooting for his Indiana sport teams. He also likes books and long walks on the beach. And world peace too!


Tim Diaz

Operations & Finance

Tim Diaz

Experience: Tim served in almost every leadership position possible at Timberland over the course of 18 years including
VP/GM of Licensing, VP of Strategy, VP/GM of Timberland PRO, and Sr. Director of E-Commerce. He was also a consultant for Booz, Allen and Hamilton.


Education: Tim holds a BA from the Honors Program at UNH and an MBA from Northeastern University.


Extracurricular: Tim is originally from Milwaukee and religiously spends every St. Patrick’s Day wearing a Packers jersey, drinking Milwaukee-based beer, and eating corned beef back home.


Where to Find

NEIGHBORHOOD BEER CO. can be found at the following restaurants & retail establishments:



For a complete list of our events visit our Facebook page!


Sunday 9/10

Oktoberfest @ 401 Tavern

401 Lafayette Rd.

Hampton, NH



Saturday 9/16

Passport Craft Beer & Food Pairing Tour

Strawberry Banke Museum

Portsmouth, NH



Saturday 10/7

Powder Keg Beer & Chili Fest

Swasey Parkway

Exeter, NH




Brewery finds its place in the ‘neighborhood’

EXETER — When the Neighborhood Beer Co. opened its doors in Exeter in the early fall of 2015, not even the owners were entirely sure what would happen next.

“We really had no idea how people would respond to our beers, which are made in the German-style with an American twist,” said Joe Berwanger, Neighborhood Beer Co. president.

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Oktoberfest at the 401 Tavern

HAMPTON — The 401 Tavern in Hampton is hosting an Oktoberfest fundraiser in partnership with Exeter’s Neighborhood Beer Co. to benefit the American Legion Post 35. Patrons are invited to bring their families and enjoy a Sunday afternoon with German style dishes, great beers and live music.

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The beer is back … at the Stratham Fair

STRATHAM — Local craft brews will return to the Stratham Fair this summer, courtesy of Neighborhood Beer Company, out of Exeter.

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Inaugural ‘brews’ deemed a success for American Independence Museum

EXETER — The inaugural Beer for History event at the American Independence Museum in Exeter saw nearly 100 people attend. Unique beers — some of which were only available at the event — and live music by local musician Chad Verbeck highlighted the evening, which also included food prepared by 3 Brother’s Marketplace of Exeter.

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Neighborhood Beer Co. kicks off historic brews series

EXETER — As part of the American Independence Museum’s inaugural Beer for History event on Thursday, May 19 in downtown Exeter, Neighborhood Beer Co. is brewing a Baroque Butterfly Tan Ale, its take on a late medieval brew from the lowlands of Northwestern Europe. According to NHBC’s Joe Berwanger, the slightly sour, mixed-grain ale was very popular even in the mid-17th century, as it was praised by Pope Alexander VII when he helped negotiate the peace treaty of the Thirty Years’ War.

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German brews net accolades for Neighborhood Beer Co.

EXETER — Open less than one year, Neighborhood Beer Co. (NHBC) is already starting to make noise in the brewing industry. One of its offerings, a rare Doppelsticke-style Altbier affectionately named Junkyard Pedigree, recently scored a 95 out of 100 points by

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How Did Neighborhood Beer Find its Niche in a Four-Vessel?

Finding that niche that makes a brewery standout from the start is complicated.

For Joe Berwanger and his co-partners at Neighborhood Beer Co. in Exeter, New Hampshire, giving its twist on classic — and sometimes dead German styles — has been the key since opening in the last quarter of 2015.

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Exeter’s New ‘Boss’

Welcome to the Neighborhood (Beer Company). This is, by no means, an ordinary neighborhood. Here, three men and a beer guru have perfected and advanced the art of German brewing.

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From The Lab: Portsmouth Beer Week kicks off Feb. 20 

Entering its seventh year, Portsmouth Beer Week is coming back on Saturday, Feb. 20. Started by the fine folks at, Portsmouth Beer Week is ten days jam-packed with events from tastings, movies, tap takeovers and special beer dinners all throughout Portsmouth.

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Craft beer guide features Seacoast brewers

MANCHESTER — New Hampshire Magazine’s October issue will feature its third annual craft Beer Guide. A reader favorite, this feature explores a number of local and unique craft breweries from around the state, says a spokesman.

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Neighborhood Beer Company opening in Exeter

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Neighborhood Beer Company serves it up

EXETER — There’s a new premier destination for old-world German bier with a modern twist in Exeter. Neighborhood Beer Company celebrated its grand opening last Thursday after what owners called a highly-successful first couple of weeks.

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Exeter brewery celebrates grand opening

EXETER — There’s a new premier destination for old-world German bier with a modern twist in Exeter. Neighborhood Beer Company celebrated its grand opening last Thursday after what owners called a highly-successful first couple of weeks.

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Beer and Chili Fest best yet

EXETER – The Cork N Keg, of Raymond, was a big winner…

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Craft beer booming in New Hampshire

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